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If you’re a public speaker. You need a good-looking website to promote your services online. Then you’ve come to the right place. Here you find all kinds of life coach WordPress theme. Thanks to the stylish options in this collection of the best speaker WordPress theme. you will find a good solution here. Also, find free WordPress themes for coaches.

This life coach WordPress theme includes at least one complete speaker website demo. that can be imported into your WordPress dashboard. However, many of these themes come with multiple demos, giving you even more options for your website.

It doesn’t really matter what type of events you speak at. Or what type of speaking services you offer. It varies enough for these themes to cover almost every project.

For finding the best option for your site. Be sure to check out the theme demos to see how your website could look. As these themes, all work with page builders. it shouldn’t take much effort to customize the pre-built content if you need to.

However, as these themes combine some speaker website demos. there’s a good chance that you’ll be able to find a design that’s fit to go.

Ever lead is a life coach and speaker WordPress theme for creating professional websites.

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If you want to promote yourself and your services online. The Everlead could be the theme to help you launch your website. Aimed at life coaches and public speakers, Everlead has six main website demos.

You can use as the foundation for your own site. Among the options is a stylish pre-built speaker website. that should provide you with everything needed to connect with your target audience. Market yourself as an expert in your field.

And the main WordPress speaker website demo, the other demos would work really well for creating sites. For wellness coaches, business coaches, and publishing a schedule of upcoming events on your personal website.

The demo homepages include full-width sliders for displaying eye-catching photos. accompanied by short pieces of text skills graphs for highlighting your main area of expertise. And panels for publishing feedback and testimonials about your services.

This life coach WordPress theme has set up exactly to join with the Affairs List WordPress plugin. you can easily use and publish your speaking actions on your site for all to have. Ever lead also comes with the premium Booked appointment booking plugin. For selling you a way to receive booking searches through your website.

Other useful tools in the package include the premium WP-Bakery Page Builder and Slider plugins that will help you customize your website and create new content for it. These tools, combined with the theme options control panel. Make it easy to stamp your identity on your speaker website with a slight effort at all.

If you’re looking for a WordPress speaker theme. that combines a stylish design with impressive features, then Ever lead is hard to beat.

Dot Life has built to help you promote your services online as a speaker or coach.

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It’s fair to say that DotLife is one of the best multi-purpose speaker WordPress theme. The demos in the DotLife theme package are just. As well suited to displaying online courses as they are promoting your experience as a speaker. So whether you want to deliver your message in person. At events like a conference, or you want to connect with your target audience through online courses. DotLife could be the theme you’re looking for.

All the seven pre-built demos that you can get entry to with this theme would work well. free WordPress themes for coaches for making a public speaker website. Thanks to their designs that give you plenty of events to display shot of yourself. They should all make it easy for you to impart your personality. Your visitors and connect with them as soon as they arrive at your site.

However, if you’re not keen on publishing large photos of yourself. On the homepage of your website, you can just as easily use the sliders. Other sections to display stock images or other relevant visual content.

As this is a flexible theme, built to work with the Elementor page builder plugin. you can easily edit the demo content through a drag-and-drop visual interface.

The other useful elements that make up the templates include a video player. That use for sharing your message with your audience or display clips from your speaking portfolio. modules for displaying the logos of clients you’ve worked with. If you want to publish courses on your speaker website. Dot Life has all the templates you should need. Install your choice of LMS plugin to get started.

With seven complete public speaker website demos to choose from. Dot-Life should work well for many projects.

Coaching is a popular choice and is one of the best-selling options in the WordPress speaker theme category.

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With close to 4,000 selling at the show of booking. If you’re searching for a shot and proved theme for your public speaking website. Coaching is a good candidate for free WordPress themes for coaches. Also, so far, the people who’ve bought this theme have been happy. With their decision, earning Coaching an average buyer rating of 4.63 stars out of 5.

In the package, you’ll find a selection of different website demos that all work well for self-promotion. So whether you’re a coach looking for new clients or a public speaker who needs a professional-looking website. Coaching might have a pre-built demo that’s suitable for your project.

However, regardless of which of the Coaching demos you choose. You can easily display a list of your upcoming speaking engagements on your website. Publish your credentials in an attractive format that can help you land more bookings from your visitors. If a visitor wants to make an inquiry about your services or availability,

The Coaching demos all have online forms that will bring their messages good to your inbox. If you are giving teaching services from your site, alongside your public speaking services. Later you can use the video player to show your idea. Publishing online courses on your website are cared for by the life coach WordPress theme.

so once you’ve installed a good LMS plugin. you’ll be able to make one or more courses usable to your guests for free or in a transfer for salary. For those that are recent to create sites with WordPress. or publishing courses online, Coaching support a list of tutorial videos to use. You make the most of this theme.

Thanks to a one-click demo imported tool. your new speaker website could be up and running in no time at all with the Coaching theme.

Eistruttore is a life coach WordPress theme with a professional design that’s aimed at both coaches and public speakers.

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If you need to establish that, you’re able to speaking at the biggest businesses. giving premium coaching services to high-end buyers. The theme like Eistruttore, with its high-kind design, is clear to use. The meet of Eistruttore is providing you with a platform to promote yourself online.

Highlight your best qualities to your target audience by free WordPress themes for coaches. The pre-built templates also give you sets of space to clarify truly. how you can help your clients or provide value as a speaker. To build your chances of buying as many bookings as possible.

Some elements used in the Eistruttore demos that can help you get your message. Across to your target audience include an animated slider. that can customize with the included premium slideshow plugin. feature lists that can highlight your key areas of expertise, and testimonials slides. for displaying feedback from event organizers you’ve worked with.

However, as Eistruttore has been built for maximum compatibility with the Elementor page builder. you can easily add new sections to the included templates, and mix and match modules from the library of layouts that make up the theme. In fact, the options for this theme are one of the main reasons. It has included in this collection of the best WordPress themes for speakers.

Another interesting aspect of Eistruttore is its set of online shop templates and its full support for the Woo-Commerce plugin. Thanks to this, you can easily sell items from your websites, such as event tickets, videos, and other digital downloads. So if you want to make a video or audio recordings of your speaking. engagements available online, Eistruttore can make that happen.

The business-focused style of Eistruttore is sure to help your website appeal to corporate event organizers.

LifeGuide WordPress speaker theme

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Life Guide has just one website demo. but it packs with different templates. To help you add a range of pages to your site. Thanks to this, you can easily populate your site with all the content that you think. You must promote your speaker services online by speaker WordPress theme. Adding a blog to your website is easy too. Helping you to connect with your audience by free WordPress themes for coaches and bring more visitors to your site.

If you’re a keen social media user. Life-Guide makes it simple to publish the content from your books. The most popular webs on your speaker website. you can repurpose your shot and videos from sites like Instagram and Facebook.

Leading you with a bold way to customize your site and share your personality with your guests. Life-Guide also runs with the Access-Press plugin. that enables you to display your social media follower counts on your site. Selling you a way to feature the amount of your public to experience bookers.

For accepting bookings online, you can also take control of the Work plugin included in Life-Guide. Because of this, you can set up a featured online booking system on your WordPress website. If you set up this plugin, you can accept booking requests online with ease. Behave to them with very little effort.

Displaying your availability online is also forthright with the theme. The documentation covers all the different aspects of this theme. So if you’re new to creating this website, then you should be able to find answers to your questions.

If you want to get a better idea of what Life-Guide is capable of, the online demo does a good job of showcasing this theme and its features.

BeTop is one of the newer life coach and public speaker WordPress themes available today.

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As this is a cleared theme, all the pre-built content of BeTop has a very up-to-date design. Thanks to this, you’ll have no problem starting a smart-looking speaker website with this WordPress theme.

While the BeTop package includes eight distinct website demos. some are better suited to promoting your speaker services online than others. For example, the health coach and speaker demos should be good options for this project, while the boxing coach demo might not work.

However, this is a flexible theme. you can quickly edit the pre-built content of the demos. To make them better suited to your goals. BeTop has taken full advantage of the powerful Elementor page builder plugin.

You can open up all the templates and layouts in this drag-and-drop visual editor. Thanks to this, if the style of the therapist site demo or the business expert option. for example, catches your eye, you can change them to match your vision.

Besides the effective options and pre-built content. items like the online booking system. availability publishing tool makes BeTop more of a beautiful option. Due to these features and the new feature of this theme, you can just as easily promote your services as you can accept bookings online for your speaking services.

As BeTop has been set up by Style mix Themes, you’ll be choosing a theme from a very well set up developer team. Thanks to this, you won’t need to worry about the theme being held, or whether you’ll have trouble trying to get support if something goes wrong.

BeTop is full of useful templates and layouts to help you build a professional public speaker website with WordPress.


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