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Best education school themes for running education website. Eduma is one of best WordPress education themes. Most of all kinds of education Wordpress website made by eduma themes. Other themes such as sea press, education lite,enlighten, literacy, educator and most powerful education themes you find here. All school theme Wordpress customizable for education website.

1. Education WordPress Theme | Eduma

Eduma, Eduma themes, education themes

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Other themes use the built-in LMS feature, right inside the theme, for your WordPress-based Education website. The Eduma Education WP school themes use Learn-Press, the #1 WP LMS plugin in

– the official WordPress Plugin Directory, which offers you a lot of benefits, such as: easy to update, the theme-clear, easy to change the theme or update in the future. You will be able to do Udemy, Coursera or Edx education websites in a matter of minutes. The Eduma theme bears all kinds of customizable resources.

Using Eduma Education WP, you'll have a premium Learn Press add-on package. This Learn Press package is a part of the theme and will help you with managing your education system



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The Literacy theme presents a smart custom area for students, while the responsive nature of the theme works on all mobile devices. We enjoy the theme for universities and online schools and others. It has support for Woo-Commerce. You can also integrate with plugins like Contact Form 7 and Jetpack. The full blog allows for sharing course information with students, while the custom header can be used for tutoring

Design your site with two columns, and use the right sidebar to insert some handy widgets. The school themes are ready to translate, and the good comments get people talking about the different courses you have to offer. A grid layout is possible as well, and the full-width template comes into play if you want to clear out all the clutter. Along with featured images and a custom menu, the Literacy theme is simple, yet powerful.


Educator, education themes, best Wordpress themes for school website,Eduma

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Try the educator theme if you want a relaxing and professional appearance. The subject has a formal aspect and is known to be used for educational purposes. In addition, it combines well with most electronic commerce add-ons to sell courses. The Ecwid system is compatible with the theme, or you could use WooCommerce if that is your style. The theme has a dynamic content loader and custom sidebars.

The Google Maps short-code takes people to their physical school, while responsive web design adapts to the site on mobile devices. Feel free to use your own custom widgets and use the social sharing bar for more exposure. The theme has a contacts page, translation options, and a slider. Custom menus serve you quite well, and the anti-spam tool does not have a captcha. Finally, you get access to multiple colors and related publishing modules.

Reading Lite

Reading light, reading light themes, best wordpress themes for school website


The Reading Lite WordPress school themes that offer an elegant and responsive design made only for an educational site. The theme is compatible with SEO, and it comes with an automatic image resizing tool. Custom page templates are great for creating customer pages, testimonials, photo galleries, and staff information.

They're to complete the translations, and the theme works in all browsers. In terms of design, it all starts with the menu. This sends students to testimonials, a staff directory, and courses. One of the widgets presents images in a slider, while another is to present the most recent blog posts. The video support is good, so if you want to insert a video from Vimeo or YouTube, do so. Apart from that, you will receive areas for contact information, search bars, upcoming events and more.


University themes, collage themes,eduma


The theme of the University has brighter colors and simple design. That reads more like a standard blog than anything else. The theme is designed for a wide range of educational site I could even use it for a simple school blog. The responsive design looks great on tablets and phones, while the slide show on the cover features images of the campus and classrooms. sources of social media icons are also useful.

The custom menu system has a multi-level drop-down menu, which means it can fit on more pages that talk about your classes. Featured images appear for each of your blog posts, and you can place widgets in a location on the home page. comments easy discussion, and files ready for translation will surely increase the number of people enrolling in your school. Finally, the theme is compatible with all major web browsers.


School themes, Wordpress themes, education themes, best Wordpress themes for school website


The WordPress school themes of the school present a creative design, with receptive elements at all times.

It is mainly for schools that want to have some kind of online presence, so multiple columns are good for displaying courses, and responsive design offers students the opportunity to navigate on smaller devices. Full-width pages are nice, while pages with sidebars allow you to pack more information into smaller spaces.

The school themes have a default blue and pink color scheme, but you can change them if you wish. The custom header can be customized, and the custom menu helps show people where to enroll in classes. The featured image header can attract people to your blog posts, while translation tools make it easier to reach a wider audience. Along with personalized funds, multiple columns and fixed publications, the theme of the School is delivered in most areas.


Great themes, best Wordpress themes for school website,best wordpress themes for school website,eduma


The Great WordPress theme is a free solution with an easy design and layout. The responsive Best WordPress themes for school websites can be used for businesses, but the main objective is for schools. The theme was made using CSS3, giving you many theme options and color tools. Feel free to adjust the logo and custom backgrounds, and use the home page slider to display your images.

The three footer widgets come into play for social networks and contact information, while the responsive drop-down menu does not take up much space. The social media icons are really packaged with the theme, and you get features for translations and featured pages. The theme integrates with many popular add-ons in the market. Some of these include WP-Page-Navi, Jetpack, Contact Form 7, bbPress and Woo-Commerce


Kindergarten themes, education themes


The Kindergarten theme is designed for those younger grades since the colors are fun and the fonts are more fun. You can consider the issue if you are trying to create a website for a nursery, nursery or nursery school. Some people even download it for arts and crafts companies or creative educational sites. Custom widgets help, and drop-down menus help you adapt more content to your menu.

The theme provides a JavaScript slide show. which presents a beautiful compilation of images for your students and their parents. Note that the primary colors are blue and white. The main way in which this will change is through custom coding. Apart from that, you will receive translation files, along with two columns to organize your content. A search bar is offered at the top of the site, and you can also configure some industry-related icons.


School themes, college themes,


The College theme looks great on all types of devices thanks to a responsive design. Suitable for universities, teachers and school websites, the template comes with multiple designs and customization options to make it your own. You can display your site using full-width responsive pages or pages with custom sidebars. The full-width slider looks elegant and is ideal for taking people further in place. The personalized menu directs people to their news, courses and other important pages, while translation tools allow you to reach a global audience.

SEO press

seo press,school themes,Eduma


The theme is responsive, which means it is editable, which makes it a smart choice for educational websites. You can easily configure it according to your needs using the easy-to-use theme customizer that provides live previews of the changes you make. Use custom colors, backgrounds and header options to improve the good looking of your site.

You can also add your contact data at the top so that people can easily contract with you. Are you related to educational material to sell online? No problem. The SEO Press theme integrates very well with the Woo-Commerce plugin. Which makes it easy to add an online store to your site. In addition, the template is search engine friendly, fit for all popular add-ons and social networks.

Writing Board

Writing board themes


Writing Board is an elegant WordPress school theme suitable for learning sites that share tutorials. The home page includes a good slider to highlight your best content, a good content section and a list of your latest tutorials. The sidebar is ideal for displaying your categories of tutorials. Also display files, social icons, and other elements. Users will be able to create accounts on their site and will find a place to display logos and testimonial from partners for social testing. Setting up your WordPress site will be a walk in the park thanks to the easy-to-use theme options. Along with the custom header and background responsive design, custom menus, and support for featured images, the writing board theme provides a solid set of features for educational websites.


FGeek themes, school themes


The f-Geek theme shows its social icons in the header, along with a large centered logo that is nice for the brand and a multi-level menu to direct people to their courses, news, and other important sections. The large full-width slider adds to the visual appeal. The template is proper with mobile devices and is prepared for translation, which means that your website will work correctly on all types of devices, and you can display them in different diction. Choose from a full-width design or display your site with the sidebar, which can be decorated with the available widgets. In general, the theme offers a clean and smooth design, along with wonderful features; All without the cost.


Enlighten themes, education themes, school themes for Wordpress, Eduma


From Access Press comes Enlighten, a simple and clean and free WordPress theme for school, university, university, and other academic websites. It comes with a lot of flexibility and features that include sections for news, courses, achievements, testimonials, frequently asked questions and more. Call-to-action buttons are also available, which will encourage more people to enroll in their courses. The theme customizer provides live previews of the changes you make on your site, while video support allows you to add variety to the way you present your content. In addition, you can add your contact information and social media icons at the top, which makes it easier for people to communicate with you or follow you on different platforms.


Education themes, collage themes eduma


The theme of Education is called because it provides a nice set of features for education-related sites. For starters, it presents an elegant slider on the homepage that is ideal for displaying your images and bringing people to your website. Add to the Woo-Commerce plugin allows you to sell your courses online. While Translation options mean that you can target a global audience. The template comes with a social resources bar to help spread the word and custom sidebars that can be completed with your latest posts, comments, calendar and more. In addition, you can add videos to your site and provide an easier option for students and visitors to consume their content.

All best Wordpress themes for school websites that need any professional education website.


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